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JHHS Commemorative Watch

Time is almost here to celebrate John Handley High Schools' commemorative 100th year. Handley alumnus Jay Carpenter (2002), owner of Handley Watches of Richmond, has collaborated with Bell's Fine Clothing proprietors to design a watch for the 100th year commemoration of John Handley High School.

The watch, titled "The Judge", features an engraved replica of the Handley 100th logo on the back. This luxury watch sells for $275, with $100 of the purchase being given to the Winchester Education Foundation, and is available for pre-order online at or at Pre-orders can also be made at Bell's Fine Clothing on the Loudoun Street Mall in downtown Winchester. The proprietors of Bell's Fine Clothing, Irvin(1956), Scott(1979) and Stephen(1982) Shendow, are also alums of JHHS.

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