• There are many ways that coding can be explored at Daniel Morgan.  Scratch, an Hour of Code, and Tynker are a few online platforms. 

    The Makerspace has three different coding opportunities that range in difficulty from easy to very hard. 

    In order of difficulty, they are Ozobots, Lego Mindstorm, and Petrone Drones.


  • Ozobots with pen coding

    Ozobot coding with Blockly

    Shape Tracer Practice


    Ozobots are small codeable robots that can be coded to complete challenges in two different ways.  

    The first method, in the first link, uses pens drawn with different patterns to control the bot and tell it what to do. 

    The second method, in the second link, used a computer program to write code similar to scratch to program the bot and tell it what to do.  The third link is the website that needs to be used to code the robot in this way.  

  • Lego Mindstorm software

    Lego mindstorms are robotics that can be programmed using the Lego software and uploaded into the robot to perform tasks. 

    They are used in robotics clubs and robotics challenges throughout the country.  

    We have 4 Mindstorm kits that can be used to explore the world of robotics.  The robots that have been built are the base bot that is used in comptetitions and gets built upon depending on the current challenge.  They can be used like they are to get familiar with coding.  

  • Codrone Blockly

    Codrones are flying drones that can be coded to complete tasks and challenges.  They can be coded using the link above, which is similar to coding with Scratch.

    They can also be coded using the remote control and the Arduino or Python platform.  This method is more challenging and requires the use of actual C++ code writing.

    Codrone Instructions