• Winchester Public School Division's Department of Career and Technical Education offers a variety of career and technical elective classes to all students at the middle and high school levels. Some of the classes offered at the middle school include the following courses:

    • Computer Science Class
    • Computer Applications
    • Make it Your Business
    • Digital Input Technologies Technology Exploration
    • Materials and Processes

Electives Team

  • Art:
    Heather Lockhart
    Amanda Bryant-Poliakoff

    Foreign Language:
    Nancy Molina
    Kimberly Diaz

    Julie Baker
    Megan Moore 

    Laura Filppu
    Melissa Montgomery
    Leo Prothero

    Barbara White



  • Physical Education:

    Dennis Blowe
    Robert Lanham
    Benjamin Brewer
    Joseph Young
    Caitlin Tilton
    Katlyn Orndorff

    Crystal Washington
    Anthony Downing
    Aimee Brumback


    Discovery Lab:
    Sarah Lane

    Career Technical Education:
    Drew Lamb