• Epoxy resin can create many things from coasters and earrings to tables and sculptures.  In the Makerspace, we focus mainly on earrings and coasters since larger projects would cost too much.  

    There are three to six main steps to successfully creating a resin project, depending on what you are doing.

         1.  Mix the resin and resin hardener together in equal amounts for 3 minutes. 

         2.  Choose your tint color, mica powder, or glitter and mix it into your resin.

         3.  Spray the mold you have chosen with the easy release spray.

         4.  Pour your resin into the mold.

         5.  Add extra decorations or fire the alcohol resin.

         6.  Allow resin to harden for 24-48 hours.  

    Here are some video tutorials about using resin and making jewelry.

         How to use Epoxy Resin

         How to make jewelry

         Today's Lesson