• The band program at Daniel Morgan Middle School is part of a continuum of music studies offered throughout Winchester Public Schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, and is specifically a continuation of the instrumental music (band) program which begins in Daniel Morgan Intermediate School, and continues in John Handley High School.

    The curriculum of the DMMS band program is focused on refining and advancing instrumental technique and music reading skills, while also exposing students to music theory, music history, and cultural and cross-curricular connections through the medium of a large ensemble. Students in the DMMS band program participate in a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year, both individually and in ensembles, including concerts, parades, VBODA district events, and more.

  • Beginning Band- Available to any student, no prior experience necessary. This course begins with an exploration of instruments to ensure that each student is placed on the instrument that best fits them. As the year progresses students learn basic instrumental technique and music notation fundamentals. Beginning Band students learn both individual and ensemble musical skills, allowing them to play music independently and together. Music performed in this class is VBODA level I. Students in Beginning Band perform on two concerts during the year.  

    Concert Band- Available to any 7th or 8th grade student with at least one year playing experience, this course reviews concepts learned in the beginning band classes and introduces an expanded instrumental range along with more complex musical concepts and techniques that allow the students to perform at a more advanced level. Students in Concert Band perform at three concerts during the year, with other optional opportunities available.

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  • Symphonic Band- By audition only for 7th and 8th graders, this course is the advanced ensemble of DMMS. Students in Symphonic Band are expected to rehearse and play at a high level. Instrumental technique and music reading skills are refined to facilitate the performance of music at a more advanced level of complexity and detail, with greater emphasis on musical expression. Students in Symphonic Band perform in four concerts and two parades during the year, with other optional opportunities available as well.

    Jazz Band- Available to any student in 7th or 8th grade with at least two years' playing experience on their band instrument or guitar, piano, and bass, this course is an extension of students' regular music studies with particular focus on the jazz idiom and improvisation. *This ensemble will be offered after school.*

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