Introduction to the JKES House System

  • JKES uses a House System, based on the Ron Clark Academy House System.  

    At JKES, we will have six houses: Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, Reveur, Tatonka, and Rakkan.  Every student and staff member at JKES will be randomly assigned to one of the six houses.  Each house has its own unique properties, such as color, symbols, history, and character traits.


    Amistad-Red- Kindness /Friendship

    Isibindi- Green- Courage 

    Rakkan-Purple- Optimism

    Rêveur- Blue- Dreamer

    Tatonka- Yellow- Trustworthy

    Throughout the year, students will earn points for school spirit, outstanding performance, academic excellence, good character, effort, and other.  House members will celebrate their community via House Lunches, House Celebrations Monday, House T-Shirts, and House Award Days.

Mission and Vision

  • Through the JKES House System, we will instill a sense of belonging, pride, and personal growth in every student.  We will create a positive, inclusive school community and culture that fosters internal motivation by building relationships, character, excitement, and school spirit.

Points System

  • Students will earn points for their houses for a variety of different things.  Each day, teachers will track student points through an app called the “House Systems App.”  This app is available for parents to see how students are doing in school.

    Students will be awarded points in the following 6 categories: 
    School spirit, outstanding performance, academic excellence, good character, effort, and other

    In addition, students will be awarded “ultra points” for larger ticket items  attendance, team competitions, or not having any office referrals.

    Overall house points will be displayed throughout the school. 

House Celebrations

  • Students will have various opporuntities to celebrate and connect with members of their house.

    House LunchEach Friday students will eat lunch with their house family at their grade level.  The cafeteria will be decorated in the colors of the house with the most points.

    House Celebration MondayEvery Monday, the entire school will wear the color of a house, to celebrate the unity with each other. 

    House ShirtsStudents are encouraged to wear their house shirts on Fridays or wear John Kerr spirit wear.  

    House Award DaysEach month students will participate in a reward during specials. The house with the most points will choose what reward all students will participate in.  

    Special House Celebrations: Once each quarter, students will participate in a special celebration with their house, such as a Pep Rally, Field Trip, or Water Day.