• Altruismo Crest

Altruismo House Crest

  • Heart: The heart sits are the top of the crest and represents kindness, generosity and purity, which all come from the heart.

    Diamond on a Shield: The diamond on a shield in the middle of the crest represents protecting others with unity and wisdom.  

    Giver: Altuismo mean the givers in Portuguese.

    Griffin: The griffin is one of the house animals.  It has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of lion.  The griffin is one of the most powerful animals and is known for strength, grace, fierceness, and nurturing.

    Black: The house color is black which stands for prestige and talent.

House Characteristics

  • Title: House of Givers

    Power: The Power of Empowering Others

    Heritage: Brazil


    Symbolic Animal
    : Snake