Nukumori House Crest

  • Color:  The house color is purple.  Purple is associated with benevolent royalty.  It reminds us that we are kings and queens!

    Sun:  The sun over the horizon is a symbol of the nature of our kindness: it is perpetual and continual.

    The Samurai:
    We are kind, but strong and know when to strike!

    The Cherry Blossom: Known as "sakura" in Japan, the flowers represent renewal and remind us that kindess toward others is our tool to renew and succeed.

    The Dragon: Represents balance and freedom, as well as ancient power and wisdom.  It has a fierceness that can be unleashed when necessary.


House Characteristics

  • Title: House of Kindess

    Power: power, wisdom, fierceness

    Heritage: Japan


    Symbolic Animal
    : Dragon