Sollevare House Crest

  • The Phoenix: The phoenix is a great and powerful animal that is reborn from fire.  It reminds us of the meaning of our name "the House of Uplifting."  Not only do we uplift others, but he uplift ourselves.  Even if we are knocked down, we always get back up.  This is why we will be undefeated.

    The Roman Galea (A.K.A. "the Spartan helmet"): A fierce warrior, reminding us that our House is something to be fought for and protected.

    RoseThe most deliciate and beautiful of all of the flowers, but don't underestimate it.  It also is lined with thorns in order to protect itself and its beauty when necessary.

    Gold: The house color is gold, which represents creativity.

House Characteristics

  • Title: House of Uplifting

    Power: protection, creativity

    Heritage: Italy


    Symbolic Animal
    : Phoenix