Advanced Math Pathways

  • NOTE: 4th Grade students must score >500 on the SOL to enter the Advanced Pathway or meet additional requirements.

    Grade Level

    Advanced Math Pathway

    Double Accelerated Math Pathway


    Algebra I

    Geometry *


    8th Grade Advanced Math (8th SOL)

    Algebra I


    6th Grade Advanced Math (6th SOL)

    8th Grade Advanced Math (8th SOL)

    * Geometry will be taught on the campus of JHHS

  • Advanced Math Pathway
    (1 year advanced)

    Students will be taught all the standards 6th - 8th grade at an accelerated pace

    Students will get to Calculus in their senior year

    Students must score >500 to enter and continue on the Advanced Math Pathway


    Meet the following 3 criteria:

    • 475-499 on Math SOL
    • 80% or higher on unit test avg.
    • 75% or higher on Spring student growth assessment
  • Accelerated Math

  • Double Accelerated Math Pathway (2 years advanced): Math 7 to Algebra I

    • Students will skip all 8th grade standards
    • Double acceleration is typically reserved for students in the top 5% of math performance.
    • Students must meet the following criteria to qualify for double acceleration:


    • >575on 7th grade SOL
    • >95% on 7th grade SGA
    • >95% on Unit Test Average in 7th grade
    • >75% on Placement Test


    **A parent or teacher must request a student to be assessed for entry into the above scenario pathway

  • Students who do not show suggested mastery of math standards, or struggle during the school year, may be taken off their pathway to ensure their success in a more appropriate setting.

    DMMS asks parents to carefully consider the maturity and math readiness of their child before requesting their child be double accelerated.