Welcome to School Counseling

  • Our role

    We serve as part of a team, including parents, teachers, administrators, community, and students, to promote, and improve student success within the school.  Daniel Morgan Intermediate School's Guidance and Counseling Department consist of two counselors, one for each grade level.

    Please contact the appropriate counselor for your child according to their grade. Each of our counselors has a Master’s Degree in counseling and years of experience in working with children and adolescents. ​

    DMIS School Counseling Vision Statement

    Every student at DMIS is a confident, empathetic, lifelong learner who embraces others, opportunities and life enthusiastically. Our students thrive in the world by cultivating healthy relationships and their passions, while also being able to pivot with life’s changes and challenges. They are bold enough to pursue their dreams and encourage others to do the same with care, understanding, and joy. 

    DMIS School Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission of the Daniel Morgan Intermediate School Counseling program is to empower students to embrace rigorous challenges, navigate personal pathways, and enrich their civic communities through an engaging, inclusive, safe environment. By participating in the DMIS comprehensive school counseling program, all students will have access to learning opportunities that will assist them in developing academic confidence, a dream for their future, and social-emotional skills. The counseling program will be delivered using a multi-tiered approach that ensures all students' needs are met in a developmentally appropriate manner, regardless of the level of service needed.

    School Counseling activities at DMIS:

    • Developmental Guidance Lessons (within the classroom):  These lessons typically cover topics such as study skills, character education, social skills, and career awareness.
    • Small Group Counseling: Support groups are offered to students who may benefit from additional support dealing with stressors, such as: family changes, grief or loss, anger management, social issues, peer relations.
    • Individual Counseling.  Individual counseling is offered on an “as needed basis”, and tends to focus on problem-solving.  In these brief sessions, counselors work with students in addressing issues which might otherwise interfere with the student’s ability to succeed in school. 

    *School counseling is not therapy. However, we can assist you in locating appropriate community services when needed.Please feel free to contact your child’s grade level counselor with questions and/or concerns at 540-667-7171.

Meet the Counselor

  • Mrs. Ruth Dalrymple
    5th Grade School Counselor

    Phone: (540) 667-7171 ext. 73004

    Students - If you would like to schedule a meeting with your counselor, please complete the Student Counseling Request Form. We will get your request and reach out to you! 

    DMIS Families - If you would like to schedule a meeting or speak with your student's counselor please feel free to reach out using the information above. Thank you for understanding that we may not be able to respond to your calls or emails immediately. 


    Lets get ready for the best school year ever! 


Helping Students...

    • Managing feelings (stress, worry, anger, grief, etc.)
    • Learning and creating friendships
    • Setting goals
    • Collaborative learning
    • Improving self-image
    • Adjusting to a new school
    • Learning how to make good decisions

Helping Families...

    • Exploring ways to help your child succeed
    • Supply reference materials
    • Referrals to community resources
    • Access resources and services in our community
    • Adjusting to family changes
    • Parenting techniques