Science Sequence Pathways

  • The chart below shows common sequence pathways; however, variations may be possible.



      Advanced/Accelerated Pathway

          Standard Traditional Pathway


    Earth Science II/AP Chemistry/Electives

    Earth Science II/Science Electives


    Chemistry (SOL) /Physics/Electives

    Biology (SOL)/Earth Science (SOL)/Ecology


    AP Biology / Chemistry (SOL)

    Earth Science/Biology (SOL)


    H Biology(SOL)/Biology(SOL)

    Environmental Science/Biology (SOL)


    Earth Science (SOL)

    Principles of  Science (Middle School  Science SOL)


    Physical Science (Middle School Science SOL)

    Physical Science


    Life Science (+6th Grade Standards)

    Life Science (+6th Grade Standards)


    Grade 5 Science

    Grade 5 Science

  • Science Pathway

    As 8th graders,  students will enroll in an  integrated science course which will introduce new curriculum and reinforce key concepts from the sixth grade science, life science, and physical science curriculum. This course will also offer an opportunity for more project based learning.

    • In 8th grade, students will take the middle school science SOL.
    • In 9th grade, students will take Environmental Science  or Biology (SOL).
  • Advanced Science Pathway

    As 7th graders, students meeting benchmark score criteria will take the middle school science SOL. Qualifying students will be provided supplemental instruction after school  prior to testing.

    • In 8th grade, students will take the Earth Science SOL.
    • In 9th grade, students will take Honors Biology (SOL) or Biology (SOL).