• Quick Links

    Classlink Launchpad SSO

    Get Single Sign On (SSO) access to all of your common WPS resources 

    Login to the student portal for the Canvas Learning Management System.

    Acceptable Computer Use
    What is appropriate use by users of hardware and the computer system network.

    Technology Use Guidelines
    Computer system use terms and conditions.

    View important dates and events for the current school year.

    SchoolCash Online
    Register to safely and securly use your credit card to pay for a variety of student fees and activities.

    Parent/Student Handbook
    View policies and procedures in the Parent and Student school handbook.

    Staff Directory
    A complete listing of district staff, location, and contact information.

  • Services

    School Counseling
    Our counselors provide academic and personal/social support to help create the best learning circumstances for your child.

    School Nursing
    Learn how our nurses provide for the physical, emotional, mental, and social health of students.

    School Nutrition
    See what's for lunch, pay for school meals, apply for free/reduced meals, and more!

    View bus routes, safety guidelines, school zone maps and more.