Excellence in Education...

Chameleons S.O.A.R.

  • Striving for excellence and continuous improvement is a hallmark of Winchester Public Schools.  WPS’s motto of Learning For All is a cornerstone of effective schools research.  Dr. Lawrence W. Lezotte’s Research on Correlates of Effective Schools includes:

    • Instructional Leadership
    • Clear and Focused Mission
    • Safe and Orderly Environment
    • Climate of High Expectations
    • Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress
    • Positive Home-School Relations
    • Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task

    To insure a safe and orderly environment, GQES has an effective positive behavior intervention school wide system as its discipline program called CHAMELEONS SOAR! CHAMELEONS SOAR stands for SAFE, ORGANIZED, ACCCOUNTABLE, and RESPECTFUL.   Each day of the week, we discuss how to be safe, organized, accountable, respectful as well as being kind.   Our positive behavior intervention system is built on teaching and reteaching Chameleons SOAR principles as well as recognizing students with specific praise daily.   We hold school-wide CHAMELEONS SOAR CELEBRATIONS monthly.