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Gifted Students Participate in Quiz Bowl

students participating in quiz bowl
Our ExCEL (gifted) students recently participated in a Quiz Bowl at the Emil & Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center. Students competed in a math word problem section and spelling section.
We couldn't have done it without our amazing Emcees and Judges:
Emcees: Jeremey States and Andy Gail
Judges: Tina Eversole and Eric Cornish
We are so proud of our student participants:
FDES: Aveah Eury, Sarah Castillo, Osias Luna
GQES: Chris Ibarra Padilla, Juliette Kostepski
JKES: Jaxon Palmer, William Shafer, Kevin Cruz Saavedra
VACDES: Olivia Watkins
DMIS 5: Madeleine Wagner, Jeremiah Wallace, Blaine Cummings
DMIS 6: Max Boula, Timothy "Rei" Hammett
DMMS 7: Reece McAlister, Samuel Plitt
And our winners - DMMS 8: Evelyn Mullins and Avery Miller!!
Though the score was close, Evelyn and Avery did an incredible job and won the opportunity to have cookies with the Superintendent, as well as an assortment of prizes donated by local businesses!
Thank you to our community sponsors: Winchester Book Gallery, McDonald's, Ledo's Pizza Winchester, Polka Dot Pot, and Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum