Welcome to the Library

  • “The only thing you ABSOLUTELY have to know is the location of the LIBRARY,” said Albert Einstein.  Once you find the library, you will be in the heart of the school.  The library provides students with a fun, engaging, warm, and welcoming environment.  Students are able to express themselves through literacy, art, and creative play materials in the Makerspace area, such as blocks, trains, magnets, and legos.  Students are encouraged to always do their best. 


    The National Information Literacy Standards is the foundation for instruction.  Library lessons are also created to introduce, reinforce, and supplement the Virginia Standards of Learning which are taught in the classroom.  Our little judges are always practicing safety, kindness, and responsibility, which is continuously promoted throughout the library.


Reading Tips for Parents

    • Read aloud to your child.
    • Let your child read aloud to you.
    • Talk about what has been read.
    • Visit your public library and help your child get a library card.
    • Have a special place in your home for library books

What are we learning in the Library?

  • In library class, students will work on:

    • finding a just-right book.
    • selecting books to read for enjoyment.
    • using online databases, such as PebbleGo and World Book Online.
    • author studies.
    • appreciating children's literature.
    • learning songs and poems.
    • library skills
    • exploring online library catalog

Our Librarian

  • Stacey Hiett
    Stacey Hiett