Welcome to the Library

  • The library is the heart of the school.  The JKES Library provides learning resources and recreational reading materials for students and staff.  The library is a welcoming and safe environment for students to explore and personalize their academic growth and individual interests.  In addition to print books, the library offers digital resources, such as e-books and online databases, including PebbleGo and World Book Online.  Students attend library class as part of the Specials rotation.

    Please login to the library catalog using Destiny Discover to place a hold.  You may now login using your Gmail account.

    Curbside pickups are Wednesdays from 9-2:30

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    Mrs. Furman has more information on her google site.

What Are We Learning in Library?

  • In library class, students will work on:

    • finding a just-right book
    • selecting books to read for enjoyment
    • using online databases, such as PebbleGo and World Book Online
    • author studies
    • appreciating children's literature
    • learning songs and poems
    • library skills
    • exploring the online library catalog
    • how to place a hold
    • how to create a collection

Reading Tips for Parents

    • Read aloud to your child.
    • Let your child read aloud to you.
    • Talk about what has been read.
    • Visit your public library and help your child get a library card.
    • Have a special place in your home for library books

    More Reading Tips for Parents

  • Mrs. Furman

    Mrs. Amanda Furman


    Mrs. Furman is excited to be the school librarian at JKES!  Previously, she served as an ESOL teacher.  She has also taught bilingual Pre-K outside of Chicago and worked with 3rd through 5th grade students in Shenandoah County as an ESOL teacher.  She grew up in the Shenandoah Valley outside of Bridgewater.  Mrs. Furman attended James Madison, earning her Bachelor's degree in Library Studies with a minor in Early Childhood Education.  She received her Master's in Reading Education from James Madison as well.  Mrs. Furman loves all things Harry Potter!