Evidence Based Literacy Instruction Overview

    • We value our students, what makes each of them unique, and are laser-focused on their continuous learning along the literacy continuum. Providing evidence-based literacy instruction, aligned with science-based reading research, is our top priority.

    • We are invested in using a cross-curricular knowledge-building curriculum.

    • Reading comprehension is the product of decoding and language comprehension with intricately woven subcomponent skills within both areas. We attack each of these areas using the most current evidence-based practices.

    • Our teachers daily deliver evidence-based literacy instruction to elevate the role of building vocabulary and background knowledge. Pairing explicit and systematic syllabication and morphology instruction with knowledge-building curriculum, provides students the tools and opportunities they need to read actively and express themselves effectively both orally and in writing.  


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    Grade 5
    Grade 6-8