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Innovation in Equity and Inclusion Grants

Equity and inclusion are critical and valuable strengths, but its many benefits are not automatic. They take our ongoing commitment and action as learners, educators, and citizens

As part of the Winchester Public Schools’ efforts to create an educational and work environment that is inclusive, supportive, and rich in diversity, the Office of Equity is proud to host the Innovation in Equity and Inclusion Grants opportunity to all Winchester Public Schools educators. The first of its kind at Winchester Public Schools, these grants are funded by National School Board Association (NSBA) and Donors Choose as result of Winchester Public Schools being selected as a 2019 NBSA Magna Award Winner for Excellence in Equity. The awarding of these grant provides opportunities for WPS educators to apply for funding to support innovative ideas that advance Winchester Public Schools commitment to equity and inclusion.

The Innovation in Equity and Inclusion Grants acknowledges outstanding achievement and/or commitment by Winchester Public Schools educators in pursuit of the Division’s mission to create a more inclusive environment, serving the needs of our increasingly diverse school community, and highlighting inequities in our school and the creating pathways to resolving them.

Criteria: Educators who have demonstrated and/or strive to a commitment to excellence by providing innovate solutions to advance equitable access to education and address the needs of Winchester Public Schools’ diverse population.

Deadline for Submissions: November 22, 2019

Award: Four $1,000 grants and One $1,500 grant to be distributed to five educators to be used to address the needs of their diverse population in the classroom.

Administered by: Superintendent and Division Equity Specialist

To apply for the Innovation in Equity and Inclusion Grants please:

Provide a proposal of the project’s goals, location, audience, and relevance to equity, diversity, and inclusion at Winchester Public Schools (Please limit Project Abstracts to 500 words or less).

Proposals will be judged on:

1) the project’s ability to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion at Winchester Public Schools;

2) the proposal’s demonstration of how a measurable positive impact will be achieved upon the climate for and education of our students.

WHO MAY APPLY: Faculty of all departments or programs, are eligible to apply. This includes department chairs and program directors.

APPLICATION MATERIALS: Please use the on-line submission form to submit your proposal.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted by November 22, 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by the Superintendent, Division Equity Specialist and another representative. Proposals selected for funding will be announced in December 20, 2019 and funds will become available for those projects during spring semester. Work on funded projects should commence during the next academic fall semester.

For more information, please contact Carl Rush, Division Equity Specialist.