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Watch Out for Email Scams

In response to a significant increase in cyber attacks and widely spread email scams in recent weeks (particularly against public entities and school divisions), it is a good time to remind you how you can best defend yourself. To help prevent cyber attacks and falling for those sneaky phishing email scams, please take a moment to review these best practices:
Beware of Email Scams!
DO NOT click on any emailed links or open any attachments from people you do not know.
DO NOT provide sensitive personal information (like usernames, passwords, banking related info, etc.).
Be VERY CAUTIOUS opening any emails that you were not expecting - even from known senders, particularly if it has an attachment.
WATCH OUT for suspicious or misleading names or email addresses or URLs.  Inspect them carefully to make sure they are legitimate.
If you are ever asked to provide financial information or send money to another person, even if it appears to be someone you know, always REACH OUT to that person directly and have a conversation first to confirm legitimacy.
If you are not sure about the legitimacy of an email or attachment, contact a member of the Technology Department -- we're happy to assist you.