Dual Language Immersion Program

  • Students working in dual language program
    More than two hundred students are learning in both English and Spanish at Frederick Douglass Elementary School.  Students from PreK through 4th participate in our Dual Language Immersion Program. In this program children get the opportunity to learn another language early on by receiving 50% of instruction delivered in Spanish, and 50% delivered in English.  Students enrolled in the program are being taught Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts in English, and Math and Language Arts in Spanish. 

    This approach provides an enriching learning environment for all students and builds greater cultural awareness and respect.  During the last decade, multiple research studies have demonstrated the significant cognitive benefits derived from early language learning, as well as the potential long-term educational and career benefits that multilingual students accrue.

    We are incredibly thankful to have an amazing staff from around the world available here at Frederick Douglass for this program.  Yasiria Rodriguez is the teacher for our PreK Spanish Immersion Program and is originally from Puerto Rico.  Paula Petrowitsch and Rocio Vera serve as the dual language Kindergarten teachers.  Ms Petrowitsch is from Chile, and Ms. Vera is from Colombia.  Lucia Meca and Jennifer Urbina teach first-grade.  Ms. Meca is from Spain, and Ms. Urbina is from Honduras.  Margarita del Rio is the second grade teacher who is from Chile.  Aida Fernandez is the third grade dual language teacher from Spain.  Patricia Acuna from Chile will be joining our fourth grade team to expand our dual language program school-wide from PreK through 4th.

  • School Board Showcase

    Presented at the September 24, 2018, School Board Meeting.