Our Role:

  • Elementary school counseling services help provide academic and personal/social support to help create the best learning circumstances for your child.  Our school counselors serve as part of a team, including parents, teachers, administrators, the community and students, to promote and improve student success within the school.  

    Frederick Douglass Elementary School has one school counselor, Mrs. Amy K. Zimmerman

FDES School Counseling Vision Statement:

  • Every student at Frederick Douglass is a confident, compassionate, innovative thinker that embraces and values a culture of inclusion.Our students are lifelong global learners and leaders who are resilient through change and challenge. They have a strong sense of self and understand their impact on others.They build healthy relationships that enrich our local and global community. 


FDES Counseling Program Mission Statement:

  • The mission of the FDES counseling program is to empower students to confidently embrace rigorous academic and personal challenges, enthusiastically explore personal pathways and compassionately enrich their civic communities through an engaging inclusive and supportive environment. 

    By participating in the FDES comprehensive school counseling program, all students will have access to learning opportunities to assist them in developing an understanding of their emotions and social emotional skills that will aid them in healthy self management and in building strong positive relationships with others. Students will have opportunities to dream about their future lives and will build academic confidence. 


School Counseling Activities at FDES:

    • Developmental Classroom Lessons:  These lessons cover mindsets (such as growth mindset, belonging, and a sense of mental, social/emotional and physical wellbeing), social responsibility, self-management skills, social skills as well as career awareness and exploration.

    • Small Group Counseling: Support groups are offered to students who may benefit from additional support dealing with stressors, such as: family changes, grief or loss, self-management, social issues, peer relations.

    • Individual Counseling:  Individual counseling is offered on an “as needed basis”, and tends to focus on problem-solving.  In these brief sessions, counselors work with students to address issues which might otherwise interfere with the student’s ability to succeed in school.

    • Parent Consultations: In these sessions, counselors work with parents and families to help provide support and recommendations.

    Note: School counseling is not therapy. However, we can assist you in locating appropriate community services when needed.

    Please feel free to contact our counselor with questions and/or concerns at 540-662-7656 x81004.


Our Counselor

  • Amy Zimmerman

    Mrs. Amy Zimmerman, M.Ed
    School Counselor

    Mrs. Zimmerman taught at John Handley High School from 1997 to 2006.  She earned her Masters of Education degree in School Counseling from George Mason University.  In 2006, she began her counseling career at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Strasburg, VA. She spent 3 years at Sandy Hook and then worked as a school counselor at Strasburg High School for 6 years.  She returned to JHHS as a school counselor in 2015 and joined FDES in 2017.

Helping Students...

    • Managing feelings (stress, worry, anger, grief, etc.)
    • Learning and creating friendships
    • Setting goals
    • Collaborative learning
    • Improving self-image
    • Adjusting to a new school
    • Learning how to make good decisions

Helping Families...

    • Exploring ways to help your child succeed
    • Supply reference materials
    • Referrals to community resources
    • Access resources and services in our community
    • Adjusting to family changes
    • Parenting techniques