The AMPed UP! program identifies underrepresented fourth graders who have high potential in math and science, yet are not yet scoring in the Advanced Pass range on Virginia Standards of Learning assessments.

Fourth grade students are selected based on third grade math SOL and benchmark scores. They then participate in after school programs and summer programs. The AMPed UP! program seeks to do the following:

  • Build student aspiration to pursue STEM related careers
  • Accelerate curriculum understanding in order to be prepared for college prepatory, advanced math coursework
  • Develop a strong community of learners with underrepresented students

Our advanced math class in fifth grade has seen an overall increase of 26% since the implementation of AMPed UP! with the following break down:

  • African American enrollment has increased from 0% to 8% of total enrollment
  • Hispanic enrollment has increased from 18% to 24% of total enrollment
  • Multi racial enrollment has increased from 4% to 6.5% of total enrollment

Using data and supporting students both academically and aspirationally is making a difference.