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Excellence in Service Award Recognitions

Excellence in Service presentations  EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE AWARDS 2020      Watch the award presentations on YouTube

Sam Aguilar-Chavez, Parent Liaison

"Sam promotes family engagement by building and maintaining AMAZING relationships with our families.  He serves students and family, going above and beyond, working with community partnerships.  He serves on a number committees and Sam celebrates diversity and Sam is passionate about creating equity for all."

Chiffon Armistead, Office Assistant

"Chiffon is the sunshine and energy that greets every person who walks into JKES.  She is the ying to our yang, knows everyone and is willing to go above and beyond.  She’s a check-in person for some of our more high needs students and is willing to give a hug and pep talk to anyone who needs it.  She keeps it real, but never complains about the workload, even if it means staying late, taking it home or putting her own self on pause to get it done.

If the phone rings and it’s Chiffon, even if she’s asking for attendance for the 436th time that year, she will do it in a way that will make you laugh.  No one in this building has made me feel more at home than Chiffon; and this building would not be what it is without her."

Daisy Mondell, Parent Liaison

"So many positive comments were submitted about Daisy that it was hard to narrow them down for this presentation.  Her strong passion for meeting the needs of our families and staff is relentless.  She is always willing to help teachers connect with parents and family members of our students.  She translates any and everything that is requested of her at lightning speed.  Daisy works nonstop to enrich the school experience of our Spanish speaking families and is vital to our school community.  She truly cares about every student.  Throughout the COVID-19 shut down, she was there on the front lines for our families.  We can always count on Daisy Mondell to follow through on requests in a professional, yet humanitarian way.  Daisy is the very heart of VACDES."

Bonnie Stickley, Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board

"Bonnie is an expert in her position! She is an example to follow. If I ever have a question, she is one of the first people I know will know the answer.  She is always willing to help and provide guidance when needed. The work she has done over the years and the value she has added to Winchester Public Schools is an prime example of Whatever It Takes! Bonnie never rattles. Her professionalism and efficiency are top notch. She is always calm under pressure and finds ways of making things work out. She is positive and friendly to all."