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Development of Division Calendars

Calendar Development of 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Division Calendars

A calendar committee has been formed to develop the next two-year cycle of school division calendars.  Meetings have been scheduled for November 4, November 11 and December 2.

Committee participants:  Principals Shahrazad Kablan, Matthew Wygal, and Joanie Hovatter, Parents Mady Rodriguez, Andy Vipperman, Christie McKee and Chris Turnbull, Parent liaison Carmen Richmond, Director of Operations Ed Smith, Teachers Scott Bucey, Martha Beyrau and Connie Banton, Equity Coordinator Carl Rush, students Cole Cestaro and Lily England, School Board member Mike Birchenough, and Superintendent Jason Van Heukelum.

It is anticipated that proposed school division calendars will be presented to the School Board for consideration at the Winchester Public School Board business meeting on December 14.