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student participating in STEAM challenges
Frederick Douglass Elementary School added STEAM to the Resource Schedule this school year.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.  As part of this addition, FDES also added a new STEAM Lab and STEAM teacher, Ms. Jessica Barr. 

The focus of the FDES STEAM Lab is to help students and educators develop an understanding of the Engineering Design Process and to develop inquiry skills by engaging in STEAM related challenges.  During STEAM challenges student practice problems solving, collaboration, and creativity skills.

Here are some examples of STEAM challanges that students have participated in already this school year:

Fourth grade students worked in small groups to design and build models of the Jamestown Fort using craft materials.

Fourth grade students toured Historic Jamestown Virginia using virtual reality headsets and Google Expeditions.

Third grade students designed and created ballons modeled after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and used a Green Screen App for iPads to create a virtual parade with commentary.

Third grade students designed and built their verision of the Great Wall of China using Keva planks and other materials.

For more information regarding the FDES STEAM Lab, please visit the FDES STEAM Lab webpage and/or f
ollow the FDES STEAM Lab on Twitter @fdessteam.