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FDES Recycling Program

Green Point Recycling Program at FDES

FDES students and staff are learning what it means to go green!  This year, at FDES, students and faculty have teamed up with administrators and Michael Recycle from the City of Winchester's recycling department in order to bring recycling to FDES. 

Mrs. Downey, Chris Mathias, and teachers, Paula Petrowitsch and Sara Dashner, worked together to create a Green Point in the school.  The Recycling Program is connected to Virginia Science standards and is aligned with our school-wide theme of Global Education, as the project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Mr. Mathias purchased large recycling bins for the main green point and mini recycling bins for each classroom to collect the materials that are to be recycled.

The team also collaborated with TREX to bring another recycling company in that would handle the recycling of flexible plastics.

Teachers and students have begun recycling and the entire school will have a Green Point kick off to celebrate this great collaboration on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 8:30AM in the gym with special guest Michael Recycle. Mr. Neese from the City of Winchester will be presenting an assembly to all students, explaining the benefits of reducing waste and recycling.

After his presentation, every classroom at FDES will receive special bins to begin recycling plastic bottles, paper and plastic bags.Our Green Team Club students will collect the bins each week and deliver the recyclable items to our school "Green Point" where items will be picked up to be reused and recycled. The plastic bags will be delivered to Trex where they will be recycled and the City of Winchester will be picking up the paper and water bottles.