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FDES Student Led Conferences

student leading a conference

Student-led conferences will be held on October 17th. The fall Parent Teacher Conference is always a great opportunity for parents to learn about their child’s academic progress and overall adjustment to the new school year.

We are excited to let you know that we will once again follow a student led format for conferences. While the focus will still be on the academic progress of your child, the conference will not be conducted by the teacher alone. Your child will be leading the discussion and sharing the details of their performance, highlighting their strengths and describing their areas of need. 

These student-led conferences will be a powerful opportunity for children to take greater ownership of their learning, reflect on their progress, and set goals for improvement. During the conference, parents will still get to interact directly with the teacher and ask questions, but your child will take the lead in showing you what they’ve learned.  For more information, please visit the WPS Student-led Conferences website.

Here are some other benefits of student-led conferences:

Students more actively engage in the learning process.
Students accept personal responsibility for their academic progress.
Parents, teachers and students engage in open, honest dialogue. What happens at the conference is not kept from the student - they are leading the conference! 
Students learn the process of self evaluation and reflection.
Students develop organizational and oral communication skills.