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FDES Global Play Day

Mrs. Downey holding an American Girl doll posing with two students

Global School Play Day was celebrated across the globe on Feb. 6th, 2019.  This was the second annual Global School Play Day.  The purpose of the event is to support and highlight the benefits of unstructured play.  For more information regarding Global Play Day, please visit the Global School Play Day website.  

Due to weather and scheduling, FDES chose to celebrate Global Play Day on Thursday, February 14th. PreK, K and 1st grades had Global Play Day in the morning. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th celebrated Global Play Day in the afternoon.  On Feb. 14th, all students will spent at least 2 hours engaged in unstructured play.

Students were encouraged to bring their own toys to school on Global School Play Day.  The following toys were allowed: dolls, blocks, board games, Pokemon cards, Legos, art kits, coloring books, puzzles, Matchbox cars.  The following toys were NOT allowed: anything with batteries, anything that plugs in, violent toys, toy guns.

If you have any question regarding Global School Play Day at FDES, please contact Mrs. Downey by calling 540-662-7656.

student playing a game     students playing with Beyblades

students playing Uno     Students setting up a game

students playing with dolls     students playing with toys