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FDES Annie Performances

Dr. Van Heukelum waas very excited to see "Annie."

The FDES Creative Arts Club performed a bilingual production of the play Annie in February.  Students in the Creative Arts Club practiced their roles after school each week since October and were very excited for their production.

There were three performances this year on the following dates and times:

Sunday, February 10th at 3PM
Tuesday, February 12th at 8:30AM
Tuesday, Feburary 12th at 6:30PM

A special thank you Mrs. Mathias, Mrs. Westman, Mr. Mathias, Ms. Brancato, Ms. Rey, Mrs. Vanderwater, and our FDES parents and families for making this production possible.  Thank you also to our wonderful accompanist, JHHS student, Mr. Grayson Westfall.

Please check out the video montage below for photographs from the Tuesday morning performance.