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Inclement Weather Days

Schools Closed image The code of Virginia requires the first five days missed due to inclement weather be made up and then every other day following the fifth day. Our calendar accounts for up to nine inclement weather days.  The Superintendent/School Board will have the flexibility to determine how time or days will be made up beyond the ninth day. With typical weather closings, parents should expect school to go through June 1st for planning purposes.

Below are the make up days to date as a result of school closings.

February 18 - Teacher Professional Day (floating holiday for 12-month employees)
February 19 - Student Attendance Day (Make up day for November 15, 2018)
March 18 - Student Attendance Day (Make up day for November 16, 2018)
May 28 - Student Attendance Day (Make up day for January 14, 2019)