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Pamela Northam & Atif Qarni visit VACDES

Atif Qarni and Pamela Northam visit VACDES

WPS had two special visitors on Wednesday, July 21. Virginia’s first lady Pamela Northam toured Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School to visit summer school, thank teachers, and inspire our educators as we look forward to next school year. She was joined by State Secretary of Education Atif Qarni.

Northam and Qarni toured classrooms, met administrators, teachers, and staff, and thanked educators for their work. The First Lady brought doughnuts for the teachers and a book of lessons from Project Wild on connecting young children to nature. First Lady Northam warmed up to the children, kneeling down to meet with them eye to eye while talking with them about their classwork.

Ms. Northam complimented teachers on their perseverance through the pandemic, asked what we felt our greatest challenge was at this time, and shared the belief that she and Governor Northam have that our schools will meet the challenge of accelerating growth after the setbacks experienced during the pandemic.

Through her visit, she conveyed the great pride that Governor and First Lady Northam have in the Commonwealth's public schools.