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2020 STEM Invitational

Powhatan STEM Invitational Every year Powhatan School celebrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics with their STEM Saturday Invitational. Fourth and fifth graders from all over the Shenandoah Valley are invited to participate in the event where they are given four different STEM challenges and are evaluated on how they perform as a team and through innovative design processes.

The super hero themed teachers at Powhatan school set up the challenges and rotate teams through looking for how well teams collectively solve each challenge. This year, students from John Kerr Elementary School (sponsored by faculty member Jennifer LaBombard-Daniels), Frederick Douglass Elementary School (sponsored by faculty member Jessica Barr), and Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart  Elementary School (sponsored by faculty member Julie Constantino) competed to solve the challenges.

JKES STEM Award Certificate JKES students Amelie R., Kayla S., Justin C., and Ethan K. were awarded one of two awards given by Powhatan teachers. Their award was the "Most Innovative Team" for how well they worked as a team and their innovative way of utilizing the engineer design process to launch the furthest rocket at the event.

Congratulations to our students! We're proud of you!