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School Board Recognitions

James Morrison, Allyson Pate (School Board Chair), and Gina Alfred In March 2015, the School Board adopted Policy BBBB-Student Representatives to the School Board to place two John Handley High School seniors on the Board as non-voting representatives. Student representatives serve a one-year term.

Gina Alfred and James Morrison served as the 2018-2019 student representatives to the School Board and were recognized at the Board’s May 28 meeting for the outstanding contributions they made to the Board over the past year. Thank you Gina and James!

Katie Rice (WPS CTE Coordinator) and Mike Perry (Perry Engineering)Annually, the VSBA requests school divisions to submit for recognition outstanding businesses who collaborate and support the school division. In order to build a successful community ecosystem, it is vital that education and business and industry align to develop the skills necessary to align and develop the skills, dispositions, and attributes of local citizens. It is through the support and collaboration of key business leaders that enables the school division to create those clear connections and opportunities for students in Winchester Public Schools that engages students in learning and developing as the future of the Winchester community.

At its May 28 meeting, Winchester Public Schools expressed their appreciation and recognized Perry Engineering for all their efforts to support the education and career development of the students of WPS as a result of the partnership developed between Mike Perry, Perry Engineering, and WPS.