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JKES Preschool Showcase

photos of staff, students, and classrooms during the JKES Preschool Showcase

On Friday, March 22nd, John Kerr Elementary School hosted a Preschool Showcase for educators from other districts and representatives from the Virginia Department of Education.  This showcase highlighted the preschool program that is part of the Virginia Preschool Initiative Plus (VPI+).  VPI+ is a grant based program from the Virginia Department of Education that assists with funding for preschool programs in public schools.  For more information regarding the WPS Preschool Program, please visit the Preschool Program website.

Attendees of the showcase participated in presentations, learning activities, toured our preschool classrooms, and met with our preschool teachers at John Kerr Elementary School.  The showcase also included a mock preschool class setup complete with comfortable reading areas, a play tent, sensory materials, water beads, musical instruments, student work, and creative arts materials.

A special thank to Angie Cain, the WPS Pre-K Coordinator, Beth Dalling, Tency Traynham, Chiffon Armistead, Beth Blase, and Bobbie Joyner for presenting and assisting with this special showcase.