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Preschool Awareness Campaign

Providing a quality preschool program is a key component in giving at-risk children the foundational knowledge needed to enter kindergarten prepared. To this end, Winchester Public Schools has launched a Preschool Awareness Campaign to highlight the many benefits of our preschool program and the essential role it plays in the success of our community's children.

All Virginia children, regardless of background or zip code, are capable of and deserve to enter kindergarten ready

40% of Virginia’s Kindergarteners enter school unprepared in literacy, math, self-regulation and social skills needed to thrive in school.

Preschool Awareness Campaign 70% of disadvantaged children birth to five lack access to an affordable early childhood option.

Only 30% of disadvantaged children are served by publicly-funded programs: PreK, Head Start, and Child Care Assistance.

Smart investments reduce costly outcomes

The annual cost due to youth violence is $158B. Children who attend early childhood development programs are 70% less likely to be arrested for a violent crime before the age of 18.

Over their lifetime, the 2010 cohort of babies born to teens will collectively cost taxpayers $43.7B. Children who attend early childhood development programs are 50% less likely to become teen parents.

Adults who didn’t attend early childhood programs earn $5,500 less each year then peers who did attend. Adults who attend early childhood development programs are more likely to be employed and earn a 33% higher average salary.

Did you know

The Virginia Department of Education has recognized the WPS Preschool Program as a showcase site for the state?

We have the capacity to serve 144 preschool students at 200% of the poverty level or below in our full-day program in our elementary schools?

Last year, our preschool students scored higher than the state average in numeracy and counting, nursery rhyme awareness, alphabet recognition, name writing, rhyming, and approaches to learning?

Our preschool teachers receive over 30 hours of dedicated professional development each year to strengthen their practice and improve student gains?

According to the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program, the average scores of our former preschool students are higher than students who did not attend any preschool and higher than those who attended other area preschools?


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