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Judges for a Cure Volleyball

The Handley Volleyball Team participated in its 7th  Annual Judges for a Cure game on October 9, 2018. This year through the help of the local community, local businesses, parent volunteers, WPS faculty and staff, the fundraiser was a huge success raising a total of $8,767.13 for the season.

The Handley Volleyball players participated in many fundraiser efforts that led up culminated in the Judges for a Cure event.  Players sold various pink items at football games, held their 6th  Annual Junior League Volleyball Clinic for 5th-8th Graders, hosted a Jazzercise workout event, Ledo’s Spirit Night  and hosted a T-shirt/jean day for WPS faculty and staff. The players really enjoyed taking time off the court to help their Judges for a Cure Campaign and felt it brought them closer together for a great cause.

The players, coaches, and volleyball parents are delighted to help such a great cause that impacts the lives of many in our community. It is a great honor to participate in the Judges for a Cure rally on behalf of Valley Health Cancer Center and Blue Ridge Hospice. It truly shows a new definition of the term rally in volleyball- as our Handley Volleyball players and fans showed pride to rally and raise so much money for breast cancer, research and patients families.  Again, the Handley Volleyball Program would like to thank all those who supported and contributed to the Judges for Cure event.