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JHHS Athletes Recognized

JHHS Winter Athletics State Championship Rankings - 2020-2021

JHHS Winter Athletes JHHS Winter Athletes The VHSL is an alliance of Virginia’s public and approved non-boarding, non-public high schools that promotes education, leadership, sportsmanship, character and citizenship for students by establishing and maintaining high standards for school activities and competitions. 

VHSL member schools are classified based on enrollment into six classifications, 1 through 6, with schools having an enrollment of 475 or less in the smallest (1) classification. The remainder of the League’s member schools are divided equally into fifths, with the largest schools in Class 6. Each Classification is made up of four Regions (A, B, C, D). For regular season play, schools are placed into geographically-based Districts, eliminating the need for extensive travel during the regular season. Schools begin the post-season with Regional tournaments and then State tournament play.

WPS recognizes our fine athletes for their accomplishments. Click HERE for a chart listing student names and accomplishments regarding final state ranking in their sport.