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STEM Flights

STEM Flights

As part of the METRICS (Maximizing Engagement Through Regular Immersion in Computer Science) Grant from the Department of Education, teachers from GQES and JKES have the exciting opportunity to participate in STEM-mersions.  STEM-mersions allow teachers to experience STEM jobs outside of the classroom in order to share that learning with their students and to inspire future STEM careers.

Most recently, Mrs. Cathryn Glavis, a first grade teacher at JKES, visited Winchester Regional Airport to learn about aviation.  Her first hand experience included flying in a small plane in the co-pilot's seat.  Mrs. Glavis even flew over JKES during her flight.  

This STEM-mersion was made possible by STEM Flights, which is a nonprofit organization that provides aviation education flight experiences.

A special thank you to Mrs. Brittney Miller, who arranged this community partnership with STEM Flights.

To learn more about the METRICS Grant at JKES and GQES and to view some clips from a STEM Flight, please visit the WPS Metrics website and check out this promotional video.