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JKES House System

JKES House System

During the 2019-2020 school year, JKES will be piloting a new House System, based on the Ron Clark Academy House System. The purpose of the house system is to install a sense of belonging, pride, and personal growth in every student.

At JKES, we will have six houses: Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, Reveur, Tatonka, and Rakkan.  Every student and staff member at JKES will be randomly assigned to one of the six houses.  Each house has its own unique properties, such as color, symbols, history, and character traits.

The House System was introduced to students during a school wide assembly on Tuesday, August 20th.  The assembly included teachers sharing house cheers. Students were assigned to their houses on Wednesday, August 21st.   

Throughout the year, students will earn points for school spirit, outstanding performance, academic excellence, good character, effort, and other.  House members will celebrate their community via House Lunches, House Celebrations, House T-Shirts, and House Award Days.  Parent login information for the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) House Points app will be sent home the week of August 26th.

For more information regarding the JKES House System, please visit the JKES House System webpage

The Six Houses at JKES:

  • Isibindi- Green- Courage 

  • Amistad-Red- Kindness /Friendship

  • veur- Blue- Dreamer

  • Altruismo-Black-Giver

  • Tatonka- Yellow- Trustworthy

  • Rakkan-Purple- Optimism