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JKES Winter Literacy Night

The JKES Winter Literacy Night was held on Tuesday, December 11th from 5:30-7PM.

Students and families returned to JKES for an evening of activities related to the book Tacky the Penguin, including waddle like a penguin, build an igloo out of cups, create a penguin from food items, a coloring station, singing winter songs, read alouds and more!

Families were invited to wear pajamas or mismatched clothes to the event. Pizza, water, and cookies were served during the event as well.

students coloring     students building igloos out of cups
students making penguins from cookies     student posing for a photo in the penguin photo booth
student stacking cups to make an igloo     Ms. Ford showing students books for the free book table
students trying to waddle and slide like a penguin     students coloring
students selecting free books     sing along station