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JKES Rabbit Habitat Wins Award!

Update:  The rabbit habitat in the STEAM lab has won Best in Show for the Pets in the Classroom Habitat Contest for being creative, personal, and interactive.  Students created their Mission Patches for the habitat by learning how astronauts create their mission patches from the Smithsonian Museum STEM in 30 Mission Patches.  Students built the habitat around this moon theme.

The JKES STEAM lab's chicks have grown up and graduated to their new home outside of the school; however, the STEAM lab has two new additions. 

Dr. Daniels adopted two white rabbits from local animal rescue organization, Dakota's Dream.  The girl rabbit is named Luna, and the boy rabbit is named Orion.  Their home in the back corner of the STEAM lab is designed to look like a moon base to support the Lego Jr. Challenge this year.  Their names also fit with the lunar theme.

Students and staff members enjoy visiting the STEAM Lab to visit the new bunny buddies.

white rabbit near green plastic bin of hay     students and staff interacting with a white rabbit
white rabbit      white rabbit
rabbit habitat