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JHHS Student Parking

Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right. If you are going to be driving to school for the 2021-2022 school year and parking in the Handley parking lot, you must obtain a parking permit. Below you will find instructions on how to register your car and obtain a parking permit.

Complete this electronic registration form with all the needed information and submit the form. Parent and student must electronically sign the form.
     * Vehicle’s year, make, model, & color
     * License plate number, Driver’s license number, & owner of the car

Paying for and receiving your parking permit
     * See the school treasurer (main office) to pay the $25 parking fee.
     * Take the receipt to the main office administrative assistants, and they will assign you a parking space and give you a parking permit.

Last: Hang the parking permit from your rear view mirror
     * The parking permit must be visible.
     * The permit will have a number on it. That number is your assigned spot for the year.

You may only park in your assigned spot during school hours. If you fail to park in your spot or break any parking lot rules, you may lose your privilege to park in the lot and on school property.

Image of Handley Parking Lot