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JHHS Teacher of the Year

The Virginia Department of Education annually sponsors the Virginia Teacher of the Year Program. The program’s purpose is to select and honor outstanding teachers who represent the best in the teaching profession. The Virginia Teacher of the Year will be selected from the eight regional teachers of the year.

Within the Winchester Public Schools system, each school selects a Teacher of the Year. While numerous criteria are used in evaluating the nominees, the most important is the ability to inspire the love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities. These teachers should also play active and meaningful roles in their communities as well as in their schools and be poised, articulate, and knowledgeable within their teaching areas. Selected teachers should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. 

The John Handley High School 2021 selection for Teacher of the Year is Kristen Darlington. Ms. Darlington has been teaching for fifteen years at JHHS. She is a member of the Social Studies Department and currently teaches VA & US Government to 12th graders. In addition to teaching, Ms. Darlington is the assistant Director of Student Activities and has worked in the athletic department for the past twelve years. She is also sponsor of the club Women with a Purpose, serves as the Bright Futures Liaison at Handley and is the Handley representative on the Judges Athletic Association Awards Committee. Finally, she has worked on division wide Equity initiatives for over ten years. 

Congratulations Ms. Kristen Darlington! We are proud you teach at John Handley High School!

picture of Ms. Kristen Darlington