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Award Recipients Recognized


2021 Excellence in Service recipientsRoland La Follette, Custodian

"This gentleman is service with a smile! He is always there when anyone has a question, needs a delivery, needs a piece of equipment fixed, or needs to vent. He is always willing to lend a helping hand or an interesting book he’s read. He will fill in wherever and whenever he is needed. When the pandemic wiped out a good portion of the staff, he filled in at Handley High School and did so admirably. He has earned the trust of every custodian in the division with his knowledge and dedication to the craft."

Claudia Young, Parent Liaison

"Claudia has been with WPS several years. She transitioned from a teaching assistant to parent liaison. Her relationships with families, especially during covid and quarantining, was immeasurable. She is always available and when she isn't available immediately, she gets someone else to help out to make sure all is taken care of quickly and correctly. She is a smile in our hallways, a voice of calm in touchy situations, and a great person to receive this honor. Without her, DMIS wouldn't be the same place. She is part of our family and we couldn't do the job without her."

Jessie Summers, Administrative Assistant

"Jessie is the quintessential team player. She is always willing to step in and help in every unexpected situation that she encounters throughout the typical school day.  She works so hard in the best interest of every member of her school community. As the Registrar, she is always the first person that our families meet when they enroll in Winchester Public Schools. As a product of Winchester Public Schools herself, and having had her three daughters go through our system, she exudes excitement and respect for our school division and our families instantly feel comfortable in the transition. As she is a problem solver at heart, she can often be found assisting her colleagues with tasks.  She is self-less, efficient, and above all, she loves to help others.  We are forever grateful for her."