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JHHS - Digital Learning Day

Digital learning is an instructional practice where technology enhances the learning process. In 2012, Digital Learning Day was designated to showcase great examples that could be shared worldwide. This year it is being recognized on February 28.

John Handley High School has Digital Learning Day every day. Student using the Aging Booth app Some examples are:

Ms. Fox's ESOL class used the Aging Booth App to help them with a future tense writing activity. Using this app, each student was able to instantly age themselves.  They incorporated their 30 years into the future image into their work. This activity helped to engage the students in their writing activity. 

Mr. Newcome's English classes are creating podcasts that will be shared soon.

Mrs. Felicio's FBLA student, Cole Cestaro, will be attending the FBLA Competition. He will be presenting the IOS Mobile App that he had created according to the FBLA guidelines. 

Mrs. Dodge's Social Studies classes explored the "America Expands West - Life on the Range" by using the virtual reality Google Expeditions App.