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JHHS Winter Choral Concert

The Choral Department hosted their Winter Concert on Monday, December 10, 2018.  The Choir is under the direction of Gloria Law, Director and was assisted by Akiko Neufer, Accompanist, and Elise Neufer, Choreographer.
The concert featured three musical groups, the Treble Ensemble, the Concert Choir, and the Chamber Choir.  The performance included several solos by Destiny Gonzalez Rubero, Lauren Kohly, Deandra Stewart, Grace Dennis, Dayziah Sanders, Joe Elliot, and Sam Kulton.  Hope Jacobson also served as a Student Conductor for "Shenandoah".  During "The Annunciation", Catherine Keim performed an oboist solo.
The evening ended with the penultimate piece- a haunting performance of "O Holy Night"; which featured Choral Alumni joining the current Choir on stage, followed by "Peace, Peace".  Please click on the following link to listen.

 Enjoy this performance