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VACDES Guidance for Inclement Weather Days

If the inclement weather day falls on a Wednesday, we will follow the regular Wednesday Google Meet schedule that has been in place all year.

On a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday Inclement Weather Day*:


Live Google Meets or Video-Based Instruction will occur as follows:

Grade 1--9:00
Grade 2--9:30
Grade 3--10:00
Grade 4--10:30

Grade 1-11:30
Grade 2--12:00
Grade 3--12:30
Grade 4--1:00

Other assignments to complete:

  • Lexia--20 minutes
  • Dreambox--20 minutes
  • 20 minutes of independent reading or reading with someone at home

 Other options:

  • Specials Choice Board
  • Empowered learning project 
  • Free Choice Writing

*Should the inclement weather extend for multiple days, additional Google Meets and assignments may be posted on Canvas.