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The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) will soon start to review Medicaid members' health coverage. Starting April 1, 2023, Medicaid will send out important letters in the mail to current Medicaid members. These letters will contain information regarding their current health plan and depending on their status, they may need to take further action. 

Medicaid members will need to update their mailing address and contact information. Failure to have up to date information can result in a lapse of Medicaid coverage. 

To update your information, you can:

-Go online at,
-Call Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282
-Or call your local Department of Social Services

Additionally, you should take action quickly when you get a notice from the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (Medicaid), other state agencies, community groups, and health care providers to:

-Update contact information
-Respond to renewals and send information to confirm you are eligible
-Use your coverage to catch up on preventive or delayed care

Help us spread the word to family, friends, neighbors and anyone else who might be enrolled in Medicaid to keep everyone covered! Visit the Cover Virginia website for more information.