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GQES Career Day 2018

Career Day Success:
Garland Quarles Elementary School was delighted to present a very successful career day.  This year the following participants were on hand to tell GQES students about their fabulous careers. 

Mr. Bobby Garza, (Firefighter)
Ms. Courtney Reilly, (Artistic Director at SU)
Ms. Sara Jawaid, Mr. Ryan Turner, Ms. Emily Yeager,  (Pharmacists-SU)
Mr. James Dougherty, (Survey Supervisor)
Ms. Karlynn Wells, (Reporter)
Ms. Susan Braithwaite, (JHHS Assistant Principal)
Ms. Elizabeth Doughty, (Registered Nurse)
Ms. Meredith Reyes (Warehouse 351-Fitness Instructor and Gym Owner)
Ms. Dorcus Wanyonyi (Registered Nurse)
Ms. Jill Donnelli-Hu (Yoga Instructor-Dharma Yoga Studios)
Mr. Bryan Henschen (Beekeeper)
Mr. Frank D'Alessio (Executive Chef)
Mr. Jason Shoemaker (Microbiologist)
Ms. Sara Maphis (Ophthalmology)
Mr. Jason Massey, Mr. Tim Ratliff, & Mr. Ron Scott (WPS Maintenance)
Ms. Caroline Pardue (Park Ranger)
Mr. Raymond Grimes (Sommelier)
Mr. Zach Gyurisin (Surveyor)
Ms. Linda Jenkins (Bus Driver)
Mr. Frank Jenkins & Trolley w/ WInchester City
Ms. Alesia Hovatter, (Farmer)
Detective Marti & Sgt Ivins, (WPD)
Mr. Mike Grabowski (Carpenter)